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Soft Cheese

Imported all the way from the Limousin farming region in France, our delicious First Choice French Brie and Camembert cheeses will transport you around the world. Our brie has a mild and creamy flavour, matured to perfection, and a must-have on every cheese platter. If that doesn’t sound amazing, you can also try our camembert which has a mild flavour and hint of mushroom. Matured more intensely than the brie, it’s perfect with deli meats and nuts. Both of these delicious soft cheeses are available in 250g packs.

Quick Facts

That’s how you’ll feel when indulging in our delicious soft cheese.
You can choose between brie or camembert, or both!
The perfect people to invite over when you’re creating a First Choice cheese platter.

Soft Cheese

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Camembert and Brie Cheese