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Gouda and Cheddar - Vacuum Sealed freshness

Looking for guaranteed freshness? Well, look no further! Our Vacuum-Sealed, Full Fat Cheese Packs are the perfect combination of goodness, taste, and freshness. Our packs come in five mouth- watering variants that would appease anyone’s cheese cravings. Flavours include Gouda, Cheddar, Mature Cheddar, and now in moreish Marbled Cheddar and Edam. First Choice Cheese is available in 240g sealed packs with a 400g options for our cheddar and gouda variants.

Quick Facts

Did you know? Edam cheese was first made in the Netherlands in a town called Edam? Gouda also comes from Holland, but Cheddar is British.
Marbled Cheddar is made from combining white and yellow cheddar cheese and allowing them to mature together.
How about a cheesy joke? Which cheese is MADE backwards? EDAM!

Gouda and Cheddar - Vacuum Sealed freshness

Nutritional Information

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