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Our honey range stemmed from a sustainability project started a couple of years ago and has grown into a range of its own. We offer three different honey options, each containing its own special benefits, aromas, and flavours.

Orange Blossom Honey

Single source from citrus orchards of the Gamtoos Valley in the Eastern Cape. Floral taste with bright hint of citrus. Light and delicate: First Choice Orange Blossom honey typically has a light colour and a smooth, runny consistency. Excellent for breakfast: On pancakes, with warm biscuits or in tea. Available in 500g bottles. 100% pure honey.

Multi Flora Honey

Made with nectar collected by bees from the indigenous fields along the coastal belt of the Eastern Cape. It is a beautiful fusion of various floral sources, offering a unique blend of slightly grassy or molasses-like flavours. The flavour and smell of light to extremely dark amber vary with each crop due to the diverse source of plants. Delicious drizzled over brie, ripe figs, freshly baked bread or a sweetener in baked goods and tea. Available in 500g bottles. 100% pure honey.

Raw Creamed Honey

First Choice Raw Creamed Honey is made of 100% Canola Flower Honey. Creamed honey is honey that has been whipped to control crystallization, which results in a smooth, creamy, and spreadable honey. Use creamed honey to sweeten drinks and bakes or spread it on toast, scones, or muffins. Available in 380g tub.

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Every drop is proudly South African.
The words of everyone we ask about its taste.
Because we care about the environment and future generations.


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