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High Protein Recovery

Why High-Protein Recovery Milk? Simple…

HPR is loaded with 21g protein in each and every serving, guaranteed. Fortified with 8 B-vitamins, this ready-to-drink power protein punch is high carb, high energy and goes straight to work to repair your muscles post- training.

Besides delaying the onset of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) allowing for quicker recovery between sessions, HPR also has a positive muscle balance between muscle growth and muscle breakdown so you’ll build more muscle than what you’ve burnt. The amino acids allow for a reduction in mechanical stress on and in the body due to exercise – all while improving repair.

The calcium, sodium, and potassium aid in fluid recovery for the body’s hydration state post-exercise since we lose vital micronutrients, such as electrolytes, when we train.

In short - HPR is loaded with everything that’s good for you to push through your own limits again and again. Often the difference between good performance and average performance has to do with how you fuel your body and help your body recover. HPR helps you to Push Past Possible.

Additionally, HPR holds the status of the Official Hydration & Recovery Supplier of Netball World Cup 2023. We believe in the importance of recovery after exercise and consider our product to be the best in the game. So let us help you #RecoverLikeaPro!

Five amazing flavours make it a win-win: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Crème, and two NEW flavours: Strawberry Vanilla and Chocolate Mint.

Available in 250ml bottle.

Quick Facts

Backed by professional athletes and sports nutritionists
Guaranteed protein in every serving
21 g
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High Protein Recovery

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HPR Chocolate Flavour


HPR Banana Créme Flavour


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