Project Description

At Woodlands Dairy, we pride ourselves in both our products and the way we get them from the farm to your home.

These informative videos aim to show you, our valued customer, the various processes we go through to ensure that you get only the finest, UHT milk.

Our journey starts early morning on a dairy farm, where our pasture-fed cows are waiting to be milked. Thereafter, the milk is transported to Woodlands Dairy where it’s first tested for quality control.

Because Woodlands Dairy strives for zero-impact on the environment, we recycle the water used at Woodlands Dairy and have many other sustainability practices in place. One of these practices includes the use of our Biofuel-Boiler, which has reduced our carbon footprint by 63% so far.

Once we’re satisfied that our UHT milk is ready to be enjoyed, we enlist the services of Tetrapak to make sure that our product looks as good as it tastes. One of the many reasons we use Tetrapak is that they are equally committed to sustainability and procure their carton from Sustainably Forestry. Finally, we pass the sustainability baton over to you and show how you can help the environment by recycling.

By focusing on our values of People, Planet & Promise, we hope to be able to tell the First Choice Milk Carton Story over and over again!

Part 1

Early morning and our pasture-fed cows are ready for milking!

Part 2

It’s always Safety First at First Choice – milk is first quality-tested before being pumped into our silos.

Part 3

Find out how First Choice turns recycled water into carbon-neutral steam and iced water for our UHT process.

Part 4

Great taste deserves great packaging – see how your First Choice milk is boxed and wrapped before being shipped off to a store near you!

Part 5

We’re all about sustainability – find out how you can help keep our environment litter-free.