Project Description

Quick and easy DIY string telephone using Milki

DIY Milki String Telephone

Two birds – one stone. Have fun making the string telephone and then sit back and relax while the little ones entertain themselves for hours.

    You will need:

  • 2 x First Choice Milki’s
  • twine / rope (any length)
  • pen (to make a hole)
  • scissors


Step One: Open the Milki at the bottom and cut off the extra piece.

Step Two: Take off the Milki lid. Take the scissors and make a tiny hole in the middle of the lid.

Step Three: Measure and cute the desired length of rope.

Step Four: Take the end of the rope through and make a knot.

Step Five: Put the lid back on the Milki and there you have it!

Milki string telephone is easy to make and keeps the kids entertained for hours.

Please note: In order for this to work properly, the string needs to be taut when you talk to your friend.

taut definition: stretched or pulled tight; not slack

It is as easy as that!