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Woodlands Dairy Launches Biofuel Boiler

Humansdorp, South Africa – 5 September, 2016 – Woodlands Dairy, the producers of First Choice dairy products in the Eastern Cape, launched a Biofuel Boiler today.

The boiler’s primary fuel is biomass in the form of sustainable wood chips proposed and provided by MTO Forestry (Pty) Ltd. The partnership with Woodlands Dairy allowed the installation of the Green Bio-Mass fuelled boiler system that will use the wood chip biomass from their sustainable Longmore sawmill as fuel. A long term contract has been signed to supply a minimum of 35 000 tons of biomass per year.

TF Design (Pty) Ltd, designed and delivered a steam boiler system that will supply the majority of Woodlands Dairy’s steam needs. This will not only substantially reduce electricity usage but will also reduce the use of HFO (oil) and carbon emission. Large quantities of steam are used in dairy processing to pasteurise and sterilise milk.

Biofuel Boiler at woodlands dairy

Lex Gutsche, Woodlands Dairy CEO; Dorothea Moors, Woodlands Dairy Director; Stephen Dondolo, Woodlands Dairy Director; Gordon Carrihill, Global Energy Fund Managing Director; Lawrence Polkinghorne, MTO Group CEO

Kevin Stark, Woodlands Dairy Operations Manager, explains to guests how the chips are transported to the boiler house from the biofuel warehouse.

The installation comes as the result of a study conducted in 2012 and 2013 on the Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) at the factory. This study provided Woodlands Dairy with insight as to where the base line was and the goal was to put projects in place, based on the information obtained from the study to ultimately lower carbon footprint after constant monitoring.

Before the installation, continuous monitoring showed that the major contributor to the overall GHG footprint of Woodlands Dairy was imported electricity at 91% of the total. Analysis of the GHG model input data indicated that 72% of the total site’s electricity usage was due to the steam-raising process and boiler. By extension, 65% of the total site GHG footprint was accountable to the electrode boiler and reduction of this would be crucial to lowering the overall footprint.

Woodlands Dairy

Gideon Venter, TF Design Director; Lex Gutsche, Woodlands Dairy CEO; Gordon Carrihill, Global Energy Fund Managing Director; Lawrence Polkinghorne, MTO Group CEO

Inside Woodlands dairy

The chips being transported to the boiler house from the biofuel warehouse.

Woodlands Dairy’s mission is to produce and deliver superior food products, whilst honouring the company’s commitment to service excellence, integrity and conserving the environment. This commitment relates to ensuring the safety and quality products and includes minimising the impact on the environment. It is with this in mind that Woodlands Dairy has committed to implementing an environmental management system that complies with the ISO 14001 standard requirements. This certification ensures that adequate management controls are in place to minimise operational impacts on the environment, ensure legal compliance as a minimum and continually improve our environmental performance.

“At Woodlands Dairy our ongoing focus on the environment means the tackling of our footprint right through the life cycle of our business from ‘cow to consumer’, through the reduction of operational impact and increasing recycling initiatives” says Lex Gutsche, CEO, Woodlands Dairy.