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The benefits of milk with a glass of milk

5 Benefits of Milk

Since the first cow’s “moo”, people have been enjoying milk for its many nutritional benefits. Some know and understand milk is healthy, others just love the taste, while some are still on the fence as to how good milk really is for you. Don’t worry, we have all the facts on the good stuff. Here are some of the many benefits that drinking milk offers you.

1. Jam packed

Milk is packed with Nutrients! It’s really quite impressive. One cup of milk contains:

  • Calcium: 28%
  • Vitamin D: 24%
  • Riboflavin: 26%
  • Vitamin B12: 18%
  • Potassium: 10%
  • Phosphorus: 22%
  • Selenium: 13%
  • Calories: 146
  • Protein: 8 grams
  • Fat: 8 grams

Even though you might not know what half of these things mean, just know that these are “nutrients of concern” and of utmost important for daily activities. Milk also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which helps prevent heart diseases and diabetes.

2. Protein please

Milk contains 8 grams of protein in each cup that you drink. Protein is essential for your body to function normally and helps with growth, cellular repair and immune system regulation. There are two different types of protein found in milk (casein and whey) and both are essential for better physical performance. That is why milk is a fantastic aid for athletes or fitness enthusiasts, helping to boost and repair muscles.

3. Makes you strong

No, your mom didn’t lie to you all of those years telling you that milk will make you big and strong – it’s true! The perfect combination of nutrients in milk helps you to absorb and store calcium in the body, which helps bone growth and could help to prevent osteoporosis.

4. Say ‘no’ to weight gain

Great news! There is a link between milk consumption and lower risk of obesity. Milk contains a variety of components that contribute to weight loss by promoting fat breakdown in your body. Milk also makes you feel full which prevents overeating.

5. Jack of all trades

Milk is one of the most versatile ingredients that exists. It can be used in various recipes and can be added to your daily routine very easily. You can use milk in smoothies, oatmeal, coffee and even soups. If you’re not a fan of milk you can also use products that are dairy based like yoghurt, cheese, amasi or butter!

Keeping all of these health benefits in mind, we’re sure that from now on milk will be your First Choice beverage – so bottoms up!