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Velvet Kisses

Yields1 ServingPrep Time15 minsCook Time1 hrTotal Time1 hr 15 mins

You don't have to stand under the Mistletoe to enjoy these Velvet kisses!

* Tip
 Place First Choice Velvet in the freezer for 1 hour before use
 2 cups First Choice Vanilla Velvet
 150 g Fruit cake (or to taste)
 Ice Cap Ice Cream Topping, chocolate flavour
 Ginger biscuits, crushed
 Chocolate sprinkles

Beat 2 cups of chilled Vanilla Velvet in an electric mixer until thick.


Chop up Fruit Cake and mix into Velvet mixture.


Place in a 500ml Ice Cream Container and freeze overnight.


Now, get your cookies, sprinkles and cocoa ready in small bowls. Quick work to follow!


Use a melon scoop to scoop balls of ice-cream out.


Cover the ball in Ice Cap and roll into cocoa, crushed biscuits or chocolate sprinkles immediately and place in a container to freeze, separating layers with baking paper so they don’t stick to one another. (We used 4 smaller containers for freezing, making 6 at a time and then placing into the freezer to keep them from melting.)


Freeze for 1 hour before serving. Store in the freezer.

Serve and Enjoy!