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Velvet Deluxe Milkshake

Yields1 Serving

Try our First Choice Deluxe Milkshake with any of our Velvet flavours.!

Strawberry Velvet Milkshake with toppings

* Tip
 Place First Choice Velvet in the freezer for 1 hour before use
For the Velvet ice-cream:
 250 ml First Choice Vanilla Velvet
 250 ml First Choice Cream (optional)
 50 g castor sugar (optional)
 Fresh strawberries, chopped
For the milkshake:
 5 Scoops of Velvet ice-cream
 250 ml First Choice Vanilla Velvet
 100 ml cream, fresh or whipped
For the decorative ice-cream

Whip the chilled Vanilla Velvet, cream, castor sugar, and strawberries together.


Place in a container, and freeze overnight

For the milkshake:

Blend the ice-cream, cream, and extra Vanilla Velvet and pour into a glass.


Top with a scoop of ice-cream and dollop of cream, fresh or whipped.