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Fig and Date Smoothie Jar

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 mins

Fig & Date Smoothie Jars - our favourite new treat! Smoothies are a great meal-on-the-go, or should we say dessert-on-the-go?

 4 dates, stoned
 140 g figs
 2 bananas, frozen
 2 tbsp honey
 1 cup First Choice Milk
 1 cup ice cubes
 chia seeds and fruit for decoration (we used kiwi, pineapple and assorted berries)

*You can slice up fruit before it goes off, and freeze it to use later in a smoothie!


Place all the ingredients in the large NutriBullet cup.


Never dry blend! Make sure to add your First Choice Milk before blending.


Use thinly sliced fruit to decorate the sides of the jar and place some berries at the bottom of the jar.


Pour your blended smoothie into the jar and decorate with chia seeds and fruit before serving!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size large

Servings 1