Project Description

woodlands sustainable farming

Our Values

First Choice could not do all the good it does without Woodlands Dairy. That’s because Woodlands Dairy is the source of that goodness. They process, produce and package the best quality dairy products for the First Choice brand. This is all done with a set of values to ensure that you only get the best.


We place quality and integrity at the heart of our business. The G-Free™ mark is our promise that our products are of the highest quality, conforming to international standards. We source milk from predominantly pasture-fed, free roaming cows using cutting edge technology and stringent quality checks. We honour our commitment to excellence and sustainability of our planet.


We recognise the importance of conserving our planet, and as such we developed the Woodlands Dairy Sustainability Project.  The program covers issues such as environment, people welfare, economics, animal welfare and sustainable farming. (Conducted with independent company, Trace & Save) We consistently aim to reduce our carbon footprint, which is audited annually.


All people are important.  We value our Woodlands Dairy staff, farm workers, suppliers and customers.   In addition, we are privileged to contribute to the Kouga community at large, through our CSI and Education Bursary programmes.

It's all good - Woodlands values