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New First Choice Velvet Flavors Launched

New first choice velvet flavours - strawberry and butterscotch

FIRST CHOICE® released two new flavours in the Velvet range of versatile dairy desserts. Now, in addition to the Chocolate and Vanilla Velvet flavours, consumers can also enjoy Butterscotch and Strawberry.

Velvet can be used to create delicious puddings, milkshakes, mousse or ice creams and can even be poured over ice cream and enjoyed as is. In addition to being a healthy dairy choice, FIRST CHOICE® products are naturally good for bones and health. The packaging also has a lower carbon footprint than other liquid packaging types and is recyclable.

“Our products are G-Free meaning it is free from pathogens and microorganisms that can develop during storage,” said Tinus Pretorius, Woodlands Dairy General Manager: Marketing and Sales.

FIRST CHOICE® Velvet is available in 1L packs and is tartrazine, colourant and MSG-free. The product should be chilled and can then be shaken, whipped or frozen to create a healthy and nutritious dessert treat.