Project Description

Saving Water Saves Electricity

Some people understand the importance of saving water, while others strongly believe in saving energy. However, only a few actually connect the two and have an understanding that saving the one also saves the other.

Figure1 below shows a clear trend between the two. When water usage increases, an increase in electricity usage is seen as well. Both resources are required to keep our planet running, and shortage of one can bring operations to a halt.

During production, water is required to produce energy, by generating steam which is used to heat or dry the milk. Electricity is required to run the motors that collect, treat and distribute clean water to and from different areas of use, such as the taps. Everyone can do their part by being water and energy smart. Boil one cup of water for one warm beverage and do not to leave taps running unnecessarily. It takes electricity to pump water from dams to our taps and, by minimising water usage, we can play an active role in reducing the need for electricity.