Project Description

First Choice Chocolate and Vanilla Dairy Dessert. It's what you make it.

FIRST CHOICE® is committed to nature and adding value to the lives of consumers through its product range offering nutritious and healthy treats for the whole family. The FIRST CHOICE® dairy range is sourced from naturally pasture-fed cows’ milk in the Eastern Cape farmlands of Woodlands Dairy.

In addition to being a healthy dairy choice, FIRST CHOICE® products are naturally good for bones and health and the packaging has a lower carbon footprint than other liquid packaging types. “Our products are G-Free meaning it is free from pathogens and microorganisms that can develop during storage,” said Tinus Pretorius, Woodlands Dairy General Manager.

In continuing its role in providing versatile and nutritious products, FIRST CHOICE® has launched Velvet dairy dessert – a versatile flavoured dessert which can be whipped, shaken, frozen or stirred to create a variety of delectable desserts. “It truly is what you make it,” said Pretorius.

Available in chocolate and vanilla, FIRST CHOICE® Velvet can be made into a creamy milkshake or ice-cream, a decadent mousse or delectable pudding. For an effortless dessert, it can even be consumed as is – provided it has been chilled.

Recipe ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Creamy chocolate or vanilla milkshake: simply add two parts whipped FIRST CHOICE® Velvet to one part First Choice Low Fat Milk. Mix well and enjoy!
  • Traditional pudding: pour whipped FIRST CHOICE® Velvet into a bowl and chill for two hours. Enjoy the creamy texture as a sweet treat.
  • Creamy vanilla ice-cream: pour whipped FIRST CHOICE® Velvet into a bowl and freeze until set. Serve with baked desserts or in a cone with sprinkles for the kids.
  • Chocolate mousse: dissolve 20ml gelatine in 20ml water and create a smooth paste. Add this to 1L FIRST CHOICE® Chocolate Velvet, mix well and pour into bowls and refrigerate for four hours before serving.

FIRST CHOICE® Velvet is available in 1L packs in both Chocolate and Vanilla flavours and is tartrazine, colourant and MSG-free.