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Good Starts Small

The Bio-Based Closure Story

At Woodlands Dairy we understand that many small changes can make a big difference.

We continually strive for a better future for everyone and this means taking care of the environment.

Tetra Pak, who shares this philosophy of a sustainable future, is working towards delivering innovative fully aseptic packaging that is made entirely from renewable materials without compromising on food safety requirements.

So you have seen our green closure, and yes it is made from sugarcane! But how?

49% of the closure is made from sugarcane which adds to the overall renewability of our pack.

The story starts in a sugarcane field where the sugar cane is harvested, taken to a sugar mill and crushed. The juice is then captured, fermented, and distilled to produce ethanol which is a renewable alternative to fossil fuels like oil or gas.

The ethanol is transformed into ethylene which is then polymerised into plastic and made into our green closures.  Back in the field the sugar cane is growing back, this makes it a great renewable resource.

Not only is our green closure renewable, the majority of our Tetra Pak carton is made from bio-based plastic film made from sugar cane, which when combined with our paper board (sourced from responsibly managed forests) means that our pack is made from more than 80% renewable resources.

What is more, the pack is 100% recyclable – meaning that each layer can be separated and recycled to make other products.

The future is in our hands, choose the pack with the green closure, choose renewability, choose recyclability, and choose a sustainable future.

Help Woodlands Dairy save the world one pack at a time.

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Answer: Made from a renewable plant source.

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The First Choice Bio-Based Pack

How can you do one little thing for the environment?

First Choice - What little thing do you do for the environment?

When Shopping: 

Buy First Choice products with bio-based packaging.

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Use it only as you need it! Switch off appliances, boil only as much water as needed and unplug your phone when done charging.

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Recycle Organic Items and start a compost garden.